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An experience money cannot buy.
a Memory for a lifetime.


In collaboration with our partner Ohorongo, EHRA (Elephant-Human Relations Aid) and the Herzogs family, we offer an AMES exclusive experience in the plains of Namibia. Tracking elephants, experiencing wide areas of untouched nature, seeing incredible sunrises and sunsets and go on bush walks and scenic game drives.

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You will arrive at a beautiful, exclusive game reserve and struck by the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you.
Experiencing nature, first hand information from the founders, tracking down elephants, sleeping under the stars and learning from the Anti Poaching Ranger.
This experience will is something you cannot book elsewhere.
Come with us to enjoy the gleaming, sun-dappled landscapes and be surrounded by a rich diversity of wildlife
with not more than 7 fellow Guardians.

We are planning all the details from start till finish.We are available for any questions about book your flights. As you arrive at this exclusive, private reserve, you will be struck by the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you.


This trip is starting on a Sunday. From Europe, we recommend to take an overnight flight, arriving to Windhoek Int. Airport on Sunday morning. We will greet you there, pick you up and ensure a safe transfer to the camp/reserve. For anyone who arrives one day earlier, we can help to organize a hotel in Windhoek. Our Namibia Experience ends on a Tuesday. If no other travel is planned after the week, there are typically daily night flights back to Europe.

- Ohorongo Game Reserve
- Walking safari, Getting to know the organisation
- Accomodation at main lodge
- Family owned and run for 50+ years 
(reborn hunting reserve & black rhino custodians)

20.-24.09.2023 - EHRA (Elephant-Human Relations Aid)
- Tracking down wild desert elephants and living nature,
get to know the founders
- Non profit organisation to cure human wildlife conflict

24.-26.09.2023- Herzog (Omurenga Lodge)
- Game drives, Sundowners, get to know the family, learn about Namibian history
- Sleeping in luxury lodge
- Family owned game reserve in 100 ha. conservancy

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Upcoming Dates

Your health and safety are our biggest priority. We closely monitor the impact of the COVID-19 virus on global travel. Together with our local partners, we follow the government’s advice. If travel is allowed and justifiable at the time, we are offering the following dates for the wildlife experiences in 2023:


    • EHRA
    • HERZOG
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    Pricing Overview

    Rates are calculated closely to the actual cost occurring. All potential overhead of every booking goes to AMES for its conservation projects, supporting the protection of the land, wildlife, and local communities. Daily rates are only applicable if there is not a full-week booking. 

    From 2.930 EUR p.P. *

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    What's included*
    * We can help with any other related bookings
    (e.g. hotel accommodation or experiences in Namibia)

    Small exclusive group experience
    (max. 8 people)

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as beverages

    Daily lectures and round tables on nature education with one of the most experienced guides

    All transport from and to Windhoek International Airport  (flights are not included)

    Daily experiences

    You can get your Safari equipment here:

    Accommodation from standard, lodge, basic tents to luxury rooms

    Safety measures and guards

    All excess income will go 100% to the benefits of the AMES foundation

    Frequently asked questions

    Will there be “free” time?

    Yes, there are deliberate times in the agenda to allow for flexible and individual planning.

    Is there internet and cellphone reception? 

    There is reception - though it is weak and partially unreliable. There is good wifi in the camp, though it is depended on electricity and there has been outages in the past. EHRA: During our time in the desert there will be NO signal.

    Can you arrive later or leave earlier? 

    No, as this is a 10 days trip only, we have fixed dates.

    What equipment is needed?

    We will share a detailed packing recommendation list ahead of your journey.

    Do I need to take Malaria precautions? 

    Malaria is a risk in some parts of Namibia, not so much in the Damaraland area. We still recommend you fill your malaria prescription before you leave and take enough with you for the entire length of your trip. Follow your doctor's instructions for taking the pills; some need to be started before you leave.

    Recommended places

    Ames travel guide
    We believe in education through experience and we believe that Africa’s wildlife and nature will help to re-connect to nature.

    There is not a shortage of travel guides, but through AMES we want to provide you with a selected unique perspective on experiences and locations that transport the above idea. Also, over the years, we have developed a network of trusted partners that provide offers at preferred rates or sometimes packages that are not even available “on the market”. We have a focus on wildlife, but In the following long list we also include spots we just generally really like as well as relevant information for every traveler in Africa.

    Namibia - also called the land of red silence - is a country full of contrasts. Visitors are offered a dazzling light and landscape panorama with unique natural worlds, whimsical tree, and species-rich animal worlds, for example in Etosha National Park, the oldest desert in the world where the high dunes end directly in the sea. Look forward to unforgettable encounters with the wilderness of Namibia!

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