TUESDAY, 30th November 2021

AMES Dabchick Nature Reserve

Katharina Wolff

November 30, 2021

Photos by AMES Foundation

Photos by AMES Foundation

Tuesday, 30th of November 2021 will forever be in my memory. Not only because it was my birthday, which I was allowed to celebrate in Dabchick, but also because I caught my very first fish! But if you think we put the catfish on the grill, you are mistaken. We were fishing for the crocodiles that live about 500 meters away from the camp and in their pond the food does not multiply as fast as it is eaten.


I name the catfish Bumbelbee. He practically waited for me to relocate him to his new - admittedly extremely dangerous - home. So the crocodiles had fish, and for me there was an extremely delicious candlelight dinner with the entire team. By the way, if you think that you automatically lose weight with so much exercise during the week, you're wrong. The cuisine of Les, Tayla and Tommy is simply too rich and too good for that.


Tuesday held much more. I was a young horseback rider and therefore could not leave without seeing the shy zebras up close. My love for these beautiful four-legged creatures is too great. Except for seeing Dodo the rhino, the so-called foster child of Les, who he raised with a bottle, none of my birthday wishes went unfulfilled. Singing, cake, sundowner between rhinos and wildlife stories in the evening around the campfire. It was probably the most special birthday of my life and whoever is thinking of doing the same: I can only recommend it.


But be careful: Dabchick has a lasting effect. AMES is actually about animals. My life, however, has so far revolved more around people, both professionally and privately. For my birthday, I gave myself the gif of taking over Tayla's salary for a year. She is the good soul of the camp, although the 21-year-old has only been on board for two months together with her fiancé Tommy. She has potential, heart and, thanks to the permanent position, soon also health insurance. And if you think I'm a big benefactor now, I have to disappoint you. One year's salary can be covered by a Guardian’s contribution to AMES. 


Again, I can only recommend everyone to imitate! It has rarely felt so good to give money, because Tayla gave me something much better: an unforgettable day, complete with caramel cream cake.